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Are the exclusive importers and distributors for the Sakura Filtration Products for the past 25 years. Our clients include Imperial group of companies and various other blue chip companies.

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Heavy Duty Earthmoving Parts Air Filter

Air Filter

Is most vital in keeping the contamination out of the intake system. It prevents contaminated air from being mixed with the fuel before entering the combustion chamber.*

Sakura Filtration products imported and distruduted by Heavy Duty Earthmoving Parts

Sakura Filtration

Sakura filters are manufactured by the ADR Group of Companies, a group that has been providing automotive and industrial parts solution, for the OEM/OES customers, for more than 40 years.

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Heavy Duty Earthmoving Parts, South Africa's exclusive importers and distributors for the Sakura Filtration Products for the past 25 years. As the automotive industry evolved so the Company expanded over time to become the market leader in South Africa.

Our continent requires filtration solutions which will enhance working environments on one hand and extend the operating life of vehicles, machinery and equipment on the other. As Africa is increasingly discovering, the comprehensive Heavy Duty Earthmoving Parts, filtration range addresses all of these concerns with products and technology which are at the leading edge of the filtration industry worldwide.

On-road or off-road, in all kinds of operating environments, Heavy Duty Earthmoving Parts air filtration technology protects engines, delivers longer filter life and gives you the confidence that comes with using the industry leader. Heavy Duty Earthmoving Parts has pioneered the development of nearly every major advancement in heavy-duty engine air filtration since 1915. We set the standard for filtration performance. For more product information, check out our Air Filtration data library.

In the filtration business, Heavy Duty Earthmoving Parts offers the largest range of applications of more than 6,000 part numbers. It covers Automotive, Commercial, Heavy Equipment, Marines and Industrial sectors. Now, Heavy Duty Earthmoving Parts is one of the largest range of Heavy Duty and Commercial Products. Some of our products include: air filter, oil filter, cabin air filter, transmission filter, coolant filter, hydraulic filter, air / oil separator filter, fuel filter / water separator, industrial filter, racing air filter, blow-by gas filters, dielectric fluids filters, dust collector, and many more

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About Sakura filtration Products

Sakura Filters offers the largest range of applications of more than 6000 part numbers. Sakura Filters are designed and manufactured according to OEM Specifications, SAE, JIS and DIN standards, to meet the efficiency, vibration, impulse and other criteria, for best quality assurance.

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